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Full text of "The Dynasts : Parts First And Second"

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SCENE vii                   PART FIRST
Tales have two sides,
Sweet lady.     Vamped-up versions reach thee here.__
That Austerlitz was lustrous none ignores, JBut would it shock thy garrulousness to know That the true measure of this Trafalgdr— Utter defeat, ay, Frances naval death— Your Emperor bade be hid?
The seer's gift
Has never plenteously endowed me, sir, As in appearance you.    But to plain sense Things seem as stated.
Well let seemings be.— But know, these English take to liquid life Right patly—nursed therefor in infancy By rimes and rains which creep into their blood, Till like seeks like.    The sea is their dry land, Andy as on cobbles you, they wayfare there.
Heaven prosper, then, their watery wayfarings
If they'll leave us the land !—(The Imperial carriage appears.)
The Emperor!— Long live the Emperor!—He's the best by land.
BONAPARTE'S carriage arrives, without an escort. The street lamps shine in, and reveal the EMPRESS JOSEPHINE seated beside him. The plaudits of the people grow boisterous as they hail him Victor of Austerlitz. The more active run after the carriage, which turns in from the Rue St. Honor£ to the Canousel, and thence vanishes into the Court of the Tuileries.
May all success attend his next exploit!